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Brittany Jackson
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You know that weird person that tends to stand around and stare into space? That's me! But I’m not just staring into nowhere– My thoughts are a wonderland, full of ideas, stories, and things that inspire me. I am an illustrator, after all. It’s my job to dream, and imagine and bring ideas to life, mine and those of others. I hope you enjoy my work!

Personal Quote: A sketch is a living thing. It has a start as fine as a point, and a pulse that carries it through the course of its life. What’s left behind when the line goes flat is up to you :)


Skin Like Mine
Original Post-

Hey Guys, Bea here!

Since last month was pretty much dedicated to showing some of the work I've done in the area of comics/sketch cards, for the next few weeks I'll be sharing work that I've done locally, not only for the authors I've done work for, but also little things I did for friends and family! So, with this batch of posts, you can expect a lot of children's book art and things of the sort.

That said, let's get into it!

One thing I like to do when promoting my work is to also give credit to those who hire me-- if they're up to it of course!  Fortunately, many of them are, and this is just one of the ways I show my support.

Starting off, I'd like to share some of the work I've done for Ms. Latashia Perry.

This is actually an interior illustration from her book "Skin Like Mine" that I illustrated and put her title on-- again to her credit.

Little backstory, I've worked in the area of books and children's books since my days in high school. Through a friend's parent, I had my first book deal, if I can even call it that now >_<

I was very rusty when I started out, or rather, I didn't have any experience at all, but Ms. Hunter took me under her wing, gave me an opportunity, opened many doors, and challenged me to be better. In many ways, she and I see our relationship as that of mother and daughter. She pretty much raised me into the artist I am today, instilling many of the values I have, and she's not afraid to scold me when I make mistakes, and I respect her for it!

Even as my career has expanded past the work that Ms. Hunter channels to me, much of it to her credit, I still work with her, lending my services to local authors, many of them who are just starting out, and making their way.

Ms. Latashia Perry is one of those creative individuals, and I take great pride in working with her because I enjoy the message in her content, which has larger been about self-acceptance.

So these next two weeks are going to be dedicated to you Ms. Perry, as I'm sure you'll be reading this. I want to share the impact your books have had on me as an artist, and the message I've gathered behind each one.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you Liked this post, the story shall continue, and as always, till next time, enjoy!

Zenescope Sketchcard Grimm Fairy Tales: HellChild
Original Post-

Hey guys! Bea here

I battle quite often, with what I should say or what I should share in my blog posts. On one hand, I want to be raw, and honest about the things I go through and experience as a striving artist, while on the other, I don't want to down the mood. I mean, it's a lot easier to put on a front and pretend that making art is all rainbow and sunshine lol!

In my life, though, I've come to value honesty more than anything, and I wish to express that here by being unafraid to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. That said, the honest truth is this:  Being an artist is hard work. Not only can we be our own worst critics, but I've seen doubt cripple many young talents, so severely that it has swayed them from their passions.

Part of the reason I suffer from doubt is because I question sometimes if I'll ever be as great as the artists I admire. I mean it's so easy to look at someone who seems to be better off than you, and assume they've got the golden ticket! But it was only until recently that I've spoken with some of those artists, only to learn that we're in the same boat-- both trying to be better versions of ourselves while striving to be successful in what we do. In other words, I realized I wasn't alone.

Sometimes, the difference between overcoming doubt is knowing that you're not alone in your struggle-- that those whom you look up to, had to fight through the same things to find their own success.

That bring us to today's Sketch Card- Hellchild

Grimm Fairy Tales: Angelica Blackstone

One of the things I love about doing sketch cards is that I get to pick who I want to draw from a pool of characters, and typically I always go for the characters I think would either be really fun to draw or those that I feel I can resonate with. In this case, I chose one that I resonate with.

"ANGELICA BLACKSTONE is half-Greek god, half-vampire, and she's pissed! When she is brought back from the dead and given a new lease on life by monster hunter Liesel Van Helsing, Angelica joins a gang of Viking vampire junkies living in the underbelly of New York City. But she has a hell of an ax to grind with her absentee father, Hades, who she blames for her death. All hell is about to break loose! "

- Zenescope

First thing's first, I like the greek god's, I dig vampires, and I love strong female characters who can fight! I'm inspired when I draw them because I'm reminded that sometimes what it takes to succeed in what you love doing is to fight through the odds and win against your own inner demons, which is ironically what this character does.

Of all the cards, I think this one represents my passion, to not let doubt win, and to always be a better version of myself with each passing year, and I express that, not only in the character I chose but also in the choice of color and pose.

That's it for today! That leaves us with 2 more sketch cards in the lineup. Anyway, I hope you liked this post, and as always, till next time, Enjoy!

Son of Odin

Illustration I did for January's monthly collectable for I haven't been posting the Illustrations I've done for this for a while, mostly because I try to edit them in a way that they work as a standalone-- since all of them have wide open or white spaces where text is supposed to go. More to come soon!

credit- used some stock patterns and brushes for the Viking patterns. 
Zenescope Sketchcard Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood
Original Post-

Monday Morning Post: Confidence in the Face of Doubt


Hey guys! Bea here!

One of the most terrifying games for me, as a child, was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, because there was never a game that had made me feel so utterly helpless against the oncoming threat, Nemesis himself.

For those of you who never played Resident Evil 3, the Nemesis is this monstrous creature, that throughout most of the game, whenever he appeared, the best option was always to run, or slow him down so you could. You could try to fight the monster, buuuuut The chances of it ending in your favor were zero >_<.

Nemesis was an unstoppable force– and when he was coming after you, nothing could stand in his way. No doors and no windows could stop him. The only way out was to run and make it to the next checkpoint, losing him, before he could catch up to you.

Though the Nemesis in the game is a fictional character, I firmly believe that the concept is real in most people’s lives. He may come in the form of a bad habit, depression,  or even doubt- hunting you down and crippling you in the most inopportune times. Naturally, when most people encounter their Nemesis, they feel helpless… It seems easier to run than to fight because the odds are more likely in your favor… right?

Despite the odds that the main character of the game was up against… even as every encounter with the nemesis became more frightening than the last, she never just gave up. **Spoiler alert** At the end of the last boss fight against the Nemesis, you’re left with two choices:  Exterminate the Monster, or Ignore it and Evacuate **End of Spoiler**

My nemesis is Doubt. If I don’t keep it in check, or stomp it out, it can convince me that I’m not good enough. That I’m not experienced enough, or qualified enough. That I’m broken because of all the abuses I’ve suffered and that I shouldn’t even try. Some of my closest friends battle with doubt too. If we’re not careful, and we allow doubt to win, we can close the same doors that others have opened for us- shooting down opportunities, in favor of our excuses.

Choosing to fight the monster, in this case, doubt–or ignore it, can literally be the difference between success or failure BEFORE you’ve even given yourself a chance at either.

So when Steven came to me and asked me to illustrate the covers of comics I shared in the previous post,  there was a moment when I doubted myself and wanted to say no, because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough, even though it’s obvious he believed that I was. Otherwise, why ask me?

Looking back, I’m glad I chose to fight my Nemesis that day. If I hadn’t, I would have shut the door on myself, and would have never eliminated the lack of experience as an excuse…And I would not be sharing one of these with you today!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood

Though I believe it works to my credit, I’m one of those people who has a haaard time being simple, when it comes to my work. That, and I’m a borderline perfectionist. Taking those two things into consideration, even though the space on the sketch cards is limited– It’s difficult for me to simply do an artistic portraiture. Instead, I want to create a card-sized comic book cover, in full detail =_=.

I am annoyed somewhat, by my own incessant need to get crazy with the details, while being a perfectionist about it.  But I have to say, of all the cards this one turned out to be my favorite in terms of composition, which I put a lot of thought into.

Many don’t know this about my work, but I do a lot of planning and research prior to putting pen to paper. Even with simple sketch cards, a great deal of time is spent trying to find the right pose, the right angle, the right reference images, the right colors, ETC. Though I’ve gotten pretty good at finding what I need, sometimes the process can be very daunting or frustrating when I can’t get things to look the way I want them to. It’s at these times, that my old Nemesis “Mr. Doubt” comes to pay me a visit…

want to find out what happens next? Stay tuned for the next episode of The Young and the Restless Bea: Doubt’s Return!

lol Anyway, I’d like to thank you for reading, and I hope you look forward to the next Monday Morning Post. As always, till next time, enjoy!

A Wise Man Once Told Me...
Original Post:

A few years back, I was introduced to Yullie, through my publisher. I can honestly say he’s a man with a wealth of wisdom, but unlike some, he has the experience to back it up. I only met with him a few times, for the purpose of creating a book of his quotes, but unfortunately, in the midsts of his travels, and me moving, we lost contact.

It just so happened that as I was browsing through my work, I stumbled upon 3 rough drawings I did for him, illustrating some of his quotes. I didn’t know what happened to Yullie, but the original quote he reserved for this illustration– about being thankful for the people who enter your life,  ironically illustrates how things have gone between us.

I learned a lot from Yullie in our brief exchange and was very relieved to find out that he’s okay, after locating his old contact information and getting in touch.  I don’t know if we’ll get to finish the book,  but I certainly hope so. In the meantime, I look forward to sharing the other two illustrations with you all.

So yeah! a very brief, and random post from yours truly! I hope you liked it, and as always, till next time, Enjoy!



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