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Brittany Jackson
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You know that weird person that tends to stand around and stare into space? That's me! But I’m not just staring into nowhere– My thoughts are a wonderland, full of ideas, stories, and things that inspire me. I am an illustrator, after all. It’s my job to dream, and imagine and bring ideas to life, mine and those of others. I hope you enjoy my work!

Personal Quote: A sketch is a living thing. It has a start as fine as a point, and a pulse that carries it through the course of its life. What’s left behind when the line goes flat is up to you :)


Brook by BeaGifted
Original Post, with more images-…
Process Animation-…

I'd like to introduce you to a special someone of mine-- Please meet Brook, aka, Boodah!

My chihwuwu, in human form :D!

Contrary to popular belief, my chiwuwu is anything but loud. In fact-- she's a very quiet, an incredibly timid doggie, that's easily frightened, especially by thunder and rain, which would explain why her ears were back in this photo >_<. She is however vocal when she's excited, greeting you with doggie whimpers and squeelz that make you ponder if she's trying to conjure up human words.

I love her! She's mah baby, and a proud member of the household, so as a challenge to myself, I wanted to draw her portrait, but with her as a human!

This is something I actually wanted to do for quite some time, but only until recently was I able to commit to it

There were a few things that I knew for sure I wanted to do when I drew Brook. I wanted to show her personality and I wanted her eyes to be big. Brooks eyes are truly her best feature-- big and brown and full of emotion. all things considered, it was only natural I drew her like an anime character, lol!

Overall, I had fun painting Brook! and I look forward to doing similar portraits to other furry beasts that are near and dear to my heart :D
Seductress of the Deep by BeaGifted
Seductress of the Deep
Updated with link to official post on blog, and animation of my process……

'm constantly learning, trying new things to help me get my ideas out better, so this time around I decided to try a method I've seen a lot of artists using, to see if it would help me move faster. I don't have the official name for it, but I'm going to refer to it as the block-out method, where you basically work off a silhouette and block in shapes using color, before applying details and really fleshing it all out. The purpose of this method? To keep your work loose and energetic, and also because it consumes less time.

And for me, it did :D. This is one of three illustrations that I did in a short time using this method, the other two will be featured in the this Thursday Evening Post. For those of you who are interested, I included a little animation detailing the steps!

You may notice the image in the upper right hand corner. This is my reference, which I created. I don't have models to pose for me, so most times when I have an idea that I'm having a hard time picturing in my head, I'll use programs like Poser, DazStudio, and/or Google Sketchup, to create poses and compositions using the 3d models that are available to me. These programs aren't perfect, as the models themselves are a bit stiff to me,  but they are very useful tools, that really help build accuracy in your work by at least allowing you to see you ideas in action.

As always, till next time, enjoy!
The Fox and the Hound by BeaGifted
The Fox and the Hound
A low growl could be heard from within the darkness, growing stronger with each encroaching footstep...
a not get too close.

This is the illustration for 2015's April Monthly Collectable for,
Featuring the Seraphic Fox- A fabled creature of great power, the Seraphic Fox enchanted the creatures of her forest to both hide and protect her from hunters who seek to capture her for their own gain/ And the Vigilant Hound, enchanted by the Seraphic fox, this wolf-like beast can take the form of a man, and serves as her protector, ensuring that she remains free.
WIP-Snowball by BeaGifted
So I'm starting a new project, working with the creator of by creating artwork to be featured on his site-- and to be used on his merchandise. Since he knows that I'm trying to share more details about my drawing process-- he's given me the okay to share my works in progress-- and provide intimate details about the exchange, how it goes down, the creative process-- all that jaz!

I'd also just like to state-- that I do have a few on-going projects  that I've shared works in progress for. Some of these are personal projects, which take longer to complete because it's always last on my to do list-- commission and client based jobs are my priority. Some work  that you see, involves commissions that I've given for free, or for charity that don't have hard deadlines. Because of this, you may find me showing works in progress for various things I'm working on, that are completed according to priority.

This project is one of charity, which I agreed to, to help a friend cover the medical costs for her cat's surgery. Instead of being paid per illustration or per hour, I agreed to accept a percentage of the sales of the merch my art is featured on-- which I will then direct 100% of to her GoFundMe. I have no idea how well the merch will sell--but it's a cause I consider worth my time-- so you'll be seeing more art from this project as I go through the different stages to completion :)

From the original post on my blog at --
I’m working with Marc-André to produce art featuring the cats of Katzenworld– which include Snowball, Mao, Oliver, Nubia, Zelda, Catto and Angel. Cats are still challenging for me to draw– especially since I’m so used to drawing humans, but I’ve been taking my time to find a way to best approach this project.

One thing I like to do when I start a project like this, is focus on setting the tone that will be consistent throughout the series. I do this by producing an unrefined sketch, like this one, which simply gives an idea of the direction I’m going to take. This is my first draft, so, it is subject to change if Marc requests it.

Prior to creating the sketch, I had to consider how I would approach drawing each cat. Since I had already drawn Oliver and Nubia before to Marc’s Liking, I decided to do the same– which was to try to draw the cats in a way that expressed their character. To do this, I asked Marc to tell me little bit about each cat and their personality.

Here’s what I learned about Snowball! He is, cuddly, rowdy and they usually dub him “Boss cat” because he is always out and about looking for trouble. He’s also number 1 on Katzenworld’s current banner.

Knowing that about Snowball, I decided to stay true to the original banner– by featuring him outside, being out and about, only this time showing him in action, curiously stalking in the grass.

Going forward, I’ll be posting a sketch like this, of each cat in my Evening Posts, in addition to Marc’s description of them, until all cats are drawn before proceeding to completion– so, look forward to those!

Till next time, Enjoy!

I'm a shy girl, an introvert, and usually the one you'll find hiding in a corner at a party, or at work burying my nose in my sketchbook. For these reasons, many people consider me the quiet type, and more often than I'd like to admit, people assume that I'm easily annoyed by them, or more likely to be easily offended when they want to share their opinions.

Among the things that I value in this life-- the freedom to give and share opinions ranks among the highest, even if there are disagreements or differing views. That said,  I'm not easily annoyed, nor am I easily offended by what others have to say. I just want people to know that I value their opinions, no matter what they are-- and you're free to share them, or ask questions, whatever you choose, so long as you're respectful about it.

In addition i'd like to say that I appreciate all of you who watch,favorite, share and comment. Though I may not be able to give everyone a personal thank you as much as I wish I could, I sincerely thank you.

*post updated for clarity*
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