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Brittany Jackson
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You know that weird person that tends to stand around and stare into space? That's me! But I’m not just staring into nowhere– My thoughts are a wonderland, full of ideas, stories, and things that inspire me. I am an illustrator, after all. It’s my job to dream, and imagine and bring ideas to life, mine and those of others. I hope you enjoy my work!

Personal Quote: A sketch is a living thing. It has a start as fine as a point, and a pulse that carries it through the course of its life. What’s left behind when the line goes flat is up to you :)


VIRGIN by BeaGifted

It's a funny thing when you can look at something you've done years ago and find meaning in it, different from what it started from. 

a lot of things come to mind when I think of this one, even now, five years later. It has always been a personal piece, though I couldn't quite put into words why when I was painting it. But it dawned on me..It's an expression of my love for art, and a bearing of my soul as I hope to blossom into the artist I've always aspired to be.

Trust me, lol I'm not there yet-- I've got a ways to go! But after sifting through the dark for so many years, I've found me a spot of light, and likewise I've been given a chance to grow. What I mean when I say this is, I'm no longer confused about the type of artist I want to be, and I know this because of the opportunities given to me by those who saw potential in my work, and have given me a chance, or, in some cases a push in the right direction.

During portfolio reviews, I had the experience of sitting with professionals in positions I've dreamed of being in. To know that my hard work has paid off thus far, given their positive reviews, I have tremendous confidence, that if I keep pushing forward, challenging myself, and growing as an artist, I will no doubt accomplish everything I have set out to achieve.

To tell you the truth guys, I was a wreck these past couple of months.  I don't like letting people see me struggle, so I wear a smile, laugh, joke, but I was falling to pieces inside- like, I broke down in tears at least three times because of the pressure I put on myself, and if it wern't for my friends talking me down-- and keeping me level, I would have broken down more times than that. It's my fault, I pushed my own boundaries, and admittedly too far, but that's just how much all of this means to yah, having all thumbs up at my reviews, was like the icing on the cake.

So what does all this mean? Well, I figured I'd give you a heads up on my plans for the remainder of the year, and forward.  As much as I want to pursue some of the studies I had planned for myself,  sadly, many of them will be staying on the back-burner, or dropped completely. It was said to me more than once, by several individuals, in and out of reviews at SDCC, that I need to create print worthy material, get booths at cons, and sell.

This doesn't mean I'm going to go all commercial on you guys, but I've had a stock of ideas-- literally a list of them, that I've been compiling for years, of art I wanted to create when my skills were good enough to tackle them. In an effort to follow their advice, I've decided that it's time to make them happen. 

Many of the ideas I have consists of art books, illustrated short stories I've written synopsis's for, and several series of art prints centered on themes like twisted fairytales, Nostalgia fan art, zodiacs, or the 7 deadly sins, among many others. In fact, I've decided that the first project I want to tackle is a 20 page illustrated book-- which is a short story of a girl who deals with the 5 stages of grief after her encounter with death on her way to the afterlife. Originally this was something I wanted to do as a series of daily sketches for October, but figured it would work better as an art book with a narrative.

Because this, and many of my other ideas are a huge undertaking for someone like me who has very little free time, and limited resources, It's been suggested by my friends to consider a Crowd Funding, or Patreon to help support me financially in the making and printing of these works. At least that way, I could support myself with my art, work less at my day job, and ultimately create something really special that people can enjoy, and maybe even relate too, and own for themselves.

I'm not sure how to do all that yet, but I know it's going to be a lot of work! In the meantime though, you know what I'll be up too, as my progress will be shared here-- sketches, concept art, all that good stuff!

I've rambled on enough though! But thank you for reading, and for following along as I move forward-- it means a lot, and I'm glad to have the support so many of you have given-- again, thanks!

Till next time, Enjoy!!

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Wings- Portfolio Feature by BeaGifted
Wings- Portfolio Feature
This is actually a wide image that I cut and put my logo on for online uploading. But, this too is one of those old drawings of mine I decided to renew for my portfolio. In this case, it was this one--
Angels by BeaGifted 

She's a lot more solemn now, and the birds flying past her instead of the wings in the clouds, and seeing her scar kinda hint to the same theme I was going for.  Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed this portfolio feature!
Sun Priest- Portfolio Cover by BeaGifted
Sun Priest- Portfolio Cover
Original Post-…

To tell you a bit about the lady featured on the front, her name is Ember– and I actually designed her about two years ago for a character design contest I won on, where the theme was to create a Sun Priest/Priestess.

This was the original
Chow-SunPriest-Finished by BeaGifted 

So, quite a few changes! It’s interesting seeing the comparison,  because I’m able to see how my painting has progressed since I first drew this.

Originally my Sun priest had the power of the sun in her hand, and an aurora cloak that flowed around it. The new version I took a different approach. Her entire color scheme, including the gradient from her forehead down represents dawn or sunset. Dark, but at her heart there is light. In terms of her clothes, with the newer version, I went for practicality. She is a black woman, so I made her hair more fro-like, and the design of the bodice really needed a do over. The earlier version was so spiky, I feared that if she bent over she’d impale herself lol, either way it made for good posture right? So I fixed that, by removing many of the spikes while maintaining the flame bra because I likes it lol! And surrounded her with embers :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, more to come as I feature additional pages from my portfolio– Till next time, Enjoy!
Art Hack- Portfolio Preview by BeaGifted
Art Hack- Portfolio Preview
I decided to show a little preview for my portfolio book, which is allllmost done and will be in print on Monday, and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. (I wont be selling the book, just printing a few copies to take to comic-con with me for portfolio reviews)

So, here is the back cover of that project (will change possitioning of words and stuff later, dont feel like it yet lol).

Since time is limited and I wanted enough pieces to fill my portfolio out to show my range of skill, I ended up digging into old works– aka, art that I did about 5 years ago. But instead of using them as they were, I hacked my work, combining two to three separate illustrations that I’ve done, into one, that I render into a clean piece.

In this case, I combined

Touch the Stars by BeaGifted 
SpeedPainting-Dream by BeaGifted 
Underground Library by BeaGifted 

ve had a lot of fun doing this sort of hack, because It’s allowed me to breath life into old ideas and make the better in ways.  I have two other works in my portfolio that are similar to this, which I’m excited to show when I’m done

Hair Like Mine- SpeedPaints by BeaGifted
Hair Like Mine- SpeedPaints
Introducing-- Portrait speed paints of some of the kids from Hair Like Mine, a children's book I illustrated for LaTashia Perry. To tell you a bit about the book, it's about a little girl with big curly hair, in search of people with hair like hers-- instead she realizes that everyone is unique in their own way :D The book is in the process of being published!


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