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Brittany Jackson
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You know that weird person that tends to stand around and stare into space? That's me! But I’m not just staring into nowhere– My thoughts are a wonderland, full of ideas, stories, and things that inspire me. I am an illustrator, after all. It’s my job to dream, and imagine and bring ideas to life, mine and those of others. I hope you enjoy my work!

Personal Quote: A sketch is a living thing. It has a start as fine as a point, and a pulse that carries it through the course of its life. What’s left behind when the line goes flat is up to you :)


Character Design Sketch- The Cen by BeaGifted
Character Design Sketch- The Cen
Original Post-…

A little bit about the Cen, they are an amphibious/merfolk– Humanoid with thin fins which allow it to swim easier, and a skin similar to a trout or bass. They are also about 5ft tall

Seth was very good about describing how he wanted the Cen to look, down to every feature of his face, which is a plus because it makes designing a character so much easier!

Unlike all the other characters that were sketched out– The Cen is the only one that’s nude– and that’s only because he is an aquatic creature and clothes aren’t really practical.

As before, here’s a little animation showing the process, though his is shorter due to lack of clothes :)…

Character Design Sketch- The Lithik by BeaGifted
Character Design Sketch- The Lithik
Original Post-…

sketchosSpread by BeaGifted

So all of These character sketches/designs are finally complete! In fact, I finished them about a week ago, and intended it for an earlier post, but I was so busy running around I barely spent any solid time at home. Now that things have settled down, I’m able to share– but instead of revealing all the characters at once, I’ll focus on one a day– Starting with The Lithik!

Just as a reminder, all of these characters were requested by, and are the property of Seth Chiasson and were designed according to his specifications for his own use.

That said, the Lithik, as Seth explained is a race of giants that are about 9 feet tall, fair toned, and human-like in appearance. I was given some creative freedom, in that he allowed me to choose which sex the character design would be in. Since the majority of them are male, I went with female.

Also, Seth wanted the character designs to focus more on the shape and form of their bodies,so his request was that clothing was to be minimal or at the very least, form fitting. Nothing to big or bulky to the point of being a distraction,thus her simplistic design was born!

Since I kept Seth informed at all the stages of development in designing each character– I decided to take those and make little animations of the process to share with you guys!…
Burlesque- October MC by BeaGifted
Burlesque- October MC
Original Post…

Hello DA, long time no see! Mostly becuase I was sick, and only uploading sketches to my blog, But I hath returned, and I bring you arts!- From the original post--

Finally, something finished! Feels like it's been forever since I've been able to do a full painting, considering I wasn't feeling well enough to do it, but I'm so happy to be back on track, and I'm exciting about returning to some of the projects I started with my sketchbook exclusives too.

So, to tell you a bit about this illustration, the theme is burlesque, both are dancers, (for both sexes to enjoy because thats how it should be!) and it goes with the items I created for the month of October, for…

-- an odd coincidence because a lot of the art I've been doing lately  has been burlesque themed. More updates coming soon though, as I get back on track :D Or, if you want to see what other stuff I've been up to that I haven't posted here, visit :)

Till next time, enjoy!
The Constellation Girl by BeaGifted
The Constellation Girl
Hey Guys! Bea Here! Been a while since my last post here, but that's only because of my Hiatus which is juuuust about over lol, so I'll be back to posting finished arts soon, but before that, I'd like to start with this little portrait sketch.

From my blog:…

It's been such a long time since I've made mention of her, so in case it was forgotten, Estelle is the girl in my first banner illustration for this blog, which was a painting I did to test how much I'd learned after completing my 30 day sketch challenge back in January.
Touch the Stars by BeaGifted 

a brief caption from that post "January 1st, I took a challenge– to draw every day for 30 days. I was not prepared to do it, I just know I wanted to do it, to kick start the new year. It wasn’t a major accomplishment in comparison to other challenges, but for me, it was. The truth is, I don’t draw much…I always wished I did…I wish I had more time to draw freely, to learn and grow and become a better artist. But Life and obligations typically get in the way. So when I was given a month to relax, I decided I’d take that time and be productive and do the thing I always wished I could. I’d draw. So to follow up with my challenge, I combined everything I learned in thirty days, into a finished painting that gives life to the idea that we all can reach our goals– and with each one, we can touch the stars of our dreams."

This simple illustration sparked a lot of discussion between not only my friends and family, but also with some of the people who've been watching me through this whole process. I made friends, I gained motivation, I'm still going strong, and Estelle is a reminder of that.

So, a month after creating this illustration, I decided to test my skill again with a painting of Estelle to mark my growth,
Mystery Girl- WIP by BeaGifted 

but because of SDCC, and portfolio prep, she was one of many personal projects of mine that hit the back burner. that is until I stumbled upon a different sketch I did of her-- the one at the beginning of this post.  Now I know it sounds weird-- me stumbling across art I did, as if I forgot I ever drew them, but I juggle so much with my day job, and commission work, that many of the illustrations or sketches I start for myself, get lost in the mayhem.

Now as promised in my last post of Estelle, I'd tell you a bit more about her. Her name means Star, and she is technically the embodiment of many interests I have, and an homage to things that inspire and influence me, as an artist.  For example, Japanese animation is very near and dear to my heart. I love anime, especially the ones I grew up on, so I decided to draw Estelle in such a way that she resembles anime and a Japanese woman. Much like me when I was younger, Estelle has a very bubbly personality and an overactive imagination, aka she can literally get lost in the wonder of her dreams. Because of this, Estelle sees the world differently than most and imagines that her dreams and goals in life are stars, bound up in a sea of constellations waiting to be reached, and what she sees is so real to her, she could touch them. In terms of looks, she has a bouncy/playful hairstyle, big brown doe-like eyes, a quirky smile, and has 7 beauty marks/freckles-- forming a mini constellation across her face, neck, and chest.

Estelle wont be attached to any particular narrative, but I will draw her from time to time, to mark my growth, so each time you see her, she may look  a bit different as my style improves!

On a side note, even though I haven't been making posts to DA, I've been busy on my blog with sketchbook exclusives-- so if you'd like to see those arts, feel free to visit!

That said, look forward to seeing more of Estelle! Till next time, Enjoy :D



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Hey Bea! This is Anthony from Nom Nom Collective, thanks for stopping by the booth and for the awesome book trade!! Your work is so awesome!!
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Hello Anthony! It was a pleasure to meet you,  and even better to hear from you! and thank you for your book as well, I love the Visual Tapas! I think it was a great idea to do a book like that, and I'm glad to add it to my collection :D Consider yourself watched, sir!  lol im so excited now >_<, you just made my day :D
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